Use Linux or be ineffective

I started using Linux seriously about 3 years ago. I still used Windows to run programs that I was familiar with, then. The first program that really impressed me as a Windows free program was jEdit. It was worlds more useful than Word or any of the Ms Office stuff for me. I have my own OS that I designed and so I am a bit different in the fact that I was never dependent on Windows or Linux to use my computers. My personal OS was better than Windows and Linux in the 1990's , but now Linux is so advanced and there are so many integrated functions and programs, that it is a complete winner from my perspective. I was using Konqueror a few minutes ago and I accidentally pressed the "Ctrl and + key together" combination to resize a web page in Firefox and it popped up a menu to select in directory by wild card. I tried it and that is a feature well worth knowing. In combination with the filter funnel and quick keys like (Ctrl)a or C-a as they do in the man pages. C-a C-x C-c C-v C-z C-y are all very important shortcuts to know. The shortcut keys in blender and gimp allow me to do something that is very similar to playing an instrument that is the image of the universe in all its chaos, complexity, and beauty.

I consider the keyboard complexity interface to these programs (and my programs also) to be a way of dealing with the complexity of chaos in the universe and specifically on the internet. When I have 2 choices (mouse) or 1000 (key combos) it is easy to see that I can branch to 10100 complexity in 34 key strokes. I think that the new gesturing interface is neat and techie, but it is not a way to deal with chaos. It requires a complex and timely key to open Pandora's box.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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