Cats in air war

I have been experimenting with all the new features of blender, gimp, SVG, and some scripts that run on each of them and it is astounding what is possible to do with imaging now. Here is a link to the Podblack blog and a funny video of cats. The image a the left is a simple two step conversion of her blog logo and I did some 3D conversions of the image and I was able to take the image and convert it into 3D volumes that is a blender model with animation armatures. In combination with scripts that are generated by XML and my original object AI based "c" program, it is possible to do things that constantly astound me. I can make shell scripts that take any image and modify it through transforms to make models and then incorporate those models in the game I am testing with now, which is sauerbraten. It is very odd to see an image in the news and then with a few clicks, transform it into a 3D world where I can modify the "script" for that character.

I have also been doing more with the nature of communications on the internet and it is also a landscape filled with unbelievable complexity and unusual consequence. I made a joke about a Robin Hood bot and if you read this article at slashdot about CoreFlood Botnet you will see that automated process can become so complex as to become a virtual entity of sorts. There is activity to hijack botnets and transform them for different purposes, and I can see myself, that it is a tricky proposition and with all things that I understand, it branches to infinity very quickly. The reason I say that, and it may not be clear what I mean, is that most things branch to infinity when they become complex. A good example is the graphics processing that I do. I can order operations in any way and I can select from several operations at each step. The number of possible operations and the number of steps to the product expands by factorial expansion of x*x*x*x ....., where x is the possible choices of operations. It is a common misconception that anybody has a "handle" on what the universe will do and though it is possible to predict things in situations that are well controlled, the universe is not. No matter how I exclude chaos to get control, the chaos I exclude becomes the thing that I should be dealing with.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen