Relational database Pizza

Tonight is a trip into thought like a pizza with everything databasy.

Investigating interesting software tools to be added to my vocabulary of action as it relates to data handling.
Program or book name Use Observations Conclusions Source Publisher version and author
RapidSVN Interface SVN repositories Too easy to use to comment much about. I use command line svn mostly anyway. sourceforge
Kachegrind Performance profiling tool It may be orphaned (2007) and it is complex so I won't comment, I will grab the source and if I find something unique I will make a post of it. sourceforge?
Conglomerate Edit XML files Intuitive Nice look. sourceforge
MySQL Query browser View SQL data base in GUI form Lets you play with the commands you don't understand. Not a way to use the base, just test different things if you have some question as to how it works. sourceforge
TOra Graphical Data Base tool Neat sourceforge
ilContrast API library comparison tool I pass on this .net stuff sourceforge
TreeViewX SVG of phylogenic trees If you know me, you will know that I have other purposes in mind for this little trick. It's dead , Jim. It was orphaned years ago. sourceforge
KColorChooser A standard set of colors in categories that allows 2 people to have the same color scheme that is consistent without getting into trying to match or appreciate colors on different types of displays. It is simple and easy to use and becomes another tool that connects to SVG, gimp, blender, HTML colors, CSS, pictures, and textures to create a more complex, artistic, and consistent final product. A really easy to use program that adds value to what an artist can conceive.BTW I discovered the other day that there is an international treaty that gives the RGB triplets of colors in flags. That seems odd to me. sourceforge

This will be filled in as I test and use each one and if there is too much data I will make a comment or post for that program.

That completes this survey and I got a couple good pieces of info from it all, but though some of the stuff looks interesting, it is older concepts and better tools exist. ----DONE----


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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