Painfully obvious neurons

It is obvious that the core principle of neurological study is wrong as it relates to how thought is generated. The wiring of an integrated circuit is very critical to how the parts interact but has nothing to do with how they are able to act. People speak of the wiring of the brains as if there is a single transistor type created with CMOS ( Complementary Metallic Oxide Semiconductor ( Copper Rust ) ). The system is not that simple and the idea that moderation of the junction chemical is the means of achieving control of the system as a whole seems bizarre when you grasp what is really going on. Yes I can stimulate a dead frog's neuron to make it jump, and in that case there seems to be an electrical like property of the system.

I have considered the natural fact that people will use whatever analogy they have in other context to explain similar systems. In the past, mind was considered an amorphous thing and linked with gut or character or strength of will and many other analogies that have little to do with the chemical physics of what happens at the molecular level. By developing treatments that are selected by injecting chemicals and identifying the result is no different than trying to program a computer by adjusting the clock rate and voltage, to use another incomplete analogy.

I am uniquely suited to deal with this issue because of my experience designing and programming devices. The range of devices I have designed and programmed go from purely mechanical systems, to relays, to vacuum tubes, to transistor arrays, to digital, and from the digital into the nature of analog instanced in digital form. It is even possible to program molecules or even atoms to have results that are varied and predictable. In fact it is the foundation of organic life.

The mat and connectivity of fibers in the brain of any creature has something to do with how it ultimately responds or even can respond, however when each transistor is not a transistor at all, but a complete chemical computer itself, then the analogy becomes the internet. If the connectivity is the established sessions and the junction chemical is TCP/IP flavors of pain and pleasure like SMTP, HTTP, ARP, etcetera, then you are approaching something that could be similar to a mind. The interesting thing there is that while a billion computers are connected in their ever shifting matrix, layered on top of that is minds composed of connected neurons connected to internal systems. The array of complexity is well beyond the boggle point. It is not possible for the mind to envision the possible range of product of 6 billion minds connected directly or indirectly in a way that can change in a nanosecond.

In the past, doctors have removed portions of peoples' brains to cure them with lobotomies and then later it was electrical lobotomies and now it is multi-variate chemical lobotomy. It seems much like an auto mechanic that encounters broken windshield wipers and when he finds out it is computer controlled and he doesn't know how to reprogram that computer, he simply removes the windshield wipers. Voilá ( here it is ), no more problem.

It might scare people to know that it is possible to program a neural array as easily as an internetwork of ten trillion computers but it can be done and just like the internet, certain things are easier to do than others. Whether it is DDoS, SQL injection, MiM, trojan, spam, worm, or other it does have parallels in mental manipulation. Some smart ass is going to realize this at some point and then it is going to be very difficult to reboot without a reset button. This is where the "skynet" concept might arise, but if skynet can just reprogram the parts to be compliant then it is unlikely that a war will ensue with the effectively brain dead humans. Perhaps more of a matrix effect, except without the dreaming or chance of regaining consciousness.

In my case, Alice has orders to wake me from the dead if I over sleep.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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