Possible probable anti-paradox


I have studied probability as it applies to a gas and one of my ancestors ( Ala Mohr's Circles of stress and strain ) did this as well as James C. Maxwell ( Ala Maxwell's Equations or Maxwell's demons ). I have a new take on that system. I know that there are limiting mechanisms that influence the probability of certain things and a simple example that might illustrate the point is to imagine a system of an electron sitting dead still with respect to yourself and under the influence of no other material in the universe? ( Not a situation that could be created in reality, but just a mental exercise ) Now, how likely is that electron to jump to the speed of light or even change its position? The answer is that the probability is zero. If I have a glass of water, how often will it become a bird and also what is the relative probability that it will become a reptile instead of a bird. It highlights the fact that if you say that anything is possible, you are wrong. The energy of a gas cannot increase without influence and the fastest molecule can only exist at certain speeds and directions, without violating the conservation of energy, momentum, and matter.

It implies that the universe is much more predictable than it seems, but the difference between virtual infinities is not really a measurable thing anyway, but it does allow me a new tool to characterize situations that involve potential states of matter.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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