Clothes make the MAN

I thought of an application for my simple continuous DNA thread today and it is very interesting that I could make fabric that has a vast array of properties from the organization of sequence of a continuous stream of DNA, It really gives a new meaning to "skinning a model". I can see that it would be possible to extract the DNA from things as simple as grass clippings as a raw material and then layer them in such a way that they cross-link to change thermodynamic properties, porosity, reflectivity, durability and any physical property of clothing. It seems the natural course of clothing from wool to synthetic to a polymer that is freely available in nature and in the process provides insight into the unusual ways in which this molecule acts.

By intercalating different compounds it would make the fabric change to environmental conditions and allow it to keep a person warm or cool depending on the material infused into the matrix. It would allow the clothes to be "painted" in real time by diffusion. It would allow clothes to be decorated in real time as easily as using a graphics program fill algorithm.

Definitely another step towards a world that makes science fiction pale in comparison to fact.

These links that I just observed add a another whole level to the concept. Protein DNA interaction at Rockefeller and Gore-Tex at scientific blogging. I will no doubt have some interesting ways of "weaving" these concepts together with mine and coming up with something even more useful.

I is very clear now that I can modify this process to have clothes that are like the outer skins of the character in the "Stargate" movie that fold in and out to cover the person in new ways and could even have properties like kevlar that absorb momentum and distribute it to limit the effect a bullet or explosion. The really odd thing is that it is virtually free as DNA is everywhere as a resource raw material. Slightly more than the energy cost of displaying a pixel, but certainly reasonable.

These types of things are certainly going to affect the stock market as the real value of old methods and materials are becoming obsolete and the investment of money in manufacturing a car that is not energy efficient, clothes that are old and ridiculous, houses that are poorly designed, energy methods that are obsolete, diamonds that are rust, and many other things. I see that there is no point in giving people money to build and maintain obsolete methods. It is a natural course that new things supplant the old and there is no less matter or energy, it is just not controlled by the same people anymore as they have been undercut by the advance of science, ideas, and technology. They failed to adapt to the new paradigm and are fading. It is a new world again, just like yesterday.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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