Matter transmitter

Another Star Trek thing that I thought was stupid and impossible when I was younger was the transporter. It was limited in its concept and could only transmit at distances that were near to the ship and incorporated the idea of cloning by duplicating at the molecular level. I think that this is not just possible but could be constructed now, however I do wonder at the existential implications of being and not being at the same time in a moment of "transport". I am not sure that the philosophical consequence of such a thing would ever be understood. For some reason I thought the forward view screen was impossible too. A flat TV, and the size of a wall. Give me a break, in your dreams it will happen. Okay, so when do the Borg arrive? Perhaps tomorrow.


Paul Mohr said...

A thought, If I send you a .blend file for an organism and you have the object to data Python script and the nano-interface Linux driver with a Python linkage module, would it be transported or simply duplicated. I guess it depends on whether I have the object and delete here. The transporter log seems to have an image of "Scotty", his DNA, his neural Nuclear MRI, pose, and position in it, I wonder if it is ethical to extract that? I also wonder if I start sending my DNA etc... about, whether I own me anymore :) Also, I wonder if I just deliver a Linux system with a receiver and build module attached to the moon and start sending things there, wouldn't that be a great deal more rational than piling shit in a tin can and exploding it across space in a rather iffy method? Just a thought, but a good one I think. Perhaps I will develop the idea some more and make a complete analysis of the methods and implementation.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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