Information formats

The idea that vast amounts of information need to be transported on any network is a basic fallacy. If you look at life you will see that the transport of a single cell can produce enough information to define an entire organism. I have been doing XML, SVG, Blender models, and creating ways to define a form as a set of instructions that create models by using DNA itself in real situations and logical DNA in the generation of 3D objects. In much the same way that the bandwidth of a video camera can be effectively zero when no change is registered is an example of appropriate information handling. A format like raster graphics is information intensive and designed to control the ultimate utility of an image. I could say that an image of a line in 1024x768x32RGBA is just as well represented in transfer by the statement "Draw a line diagonally from the upper left". In terms of SVG, this is the inherent advantage of having information in this format and keeping it in a common recognizable format (XML).

Delivering information in a format that cannot be used without a "key process" is just some silly game that people play to get a leg up on each other. I cannot see how people can consider charging for images that must be derived from a common understanding between people to even be recognizable. It is the difference between that which is known and that which is unknown that interests me and the rest is just dups.

Since it is election day here in the US, these problems will all be solved by the new king and we will never worry, fight, struggle, suffer, or misunderstand anything again. The gouging I get by the bank and AT&T and every other corporation will stop. The military will retire with job well done, global warming will stop being a threat, AIDs will spontaneously remiss in all people in the world, death will retire, crime will stop, food will be abundant, and I will stop being such a critic of presidents, kings, and tyrants. Rule me Caesar, for I am but a fool in comparison to your great understanding. Some day when we start reanimating people, could we start with Mark Twain?

The ability to use the universe for individual purpose requires that the underlying process is understood. In the case of physics it is the Proton itself, in genetics it is the system, and in intelligence it is something without bound and always intrigues me. The idea that the ant colony is a single organism that thinks and acts for the survival of its whole, and an individual ant has no real identity or their physicality has no meaning in the continuance. It is the information in context that survives.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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