Ant Internet (AI)

I will coin a phrase here to describe a concept and implementation that I have devised. ANTERNET(c). A free biologically induced self sustaining neural system operated by ants.

I consider myself King of the ants as they have no king. It is my sovereign right to rule them. It has come to my attention that some of the ants have gone rogue and I am upset. I require 2 ounces of ATP for each megabyte of data transported on any Anternet(c) interface. I feel that they are taking advantage of me and I plan to install a new monitoring device between each of the ants that use the neural broadband interface they created. They may have created it with their labor and energy and according to the design that they evolved, but I am king and if I do not show that I can kill and control them, I will be nothing but a king without a kingdom. There may be 1018 of them now but if I stomp on one each day I can destroy them in never time

I have had to upgrade the large ant tunnels with Schwann cells so they can handle the 100TB/s rates for my new local liquid storage memory. It seems that I cannot have more than 10,000 axons in a single channel and 10,000 channels in a super group. Presently we are working on a raft and hanger system for expansion into tidal areas.

I suppose that since the ants made it, it could be called the Inter-Nest. Don't blame me, "I voted for Kodos."

On a serious note, it seems that it will work and be self sustaining in the same way that crops grow when they are planted and maintained. I think it is no different than any other type of farming, perhaps a bit more elegant, but still farming. A balance of ATP Ca Na and a thick chitin shell pumped by hydrostatics. I thought of a new name "Neuroponics".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen