The image of thought

In the process of creating graphical images combined with music, speech, or sound, it is necessary to make a system of functions that serve to mimic the real world of objects and transforms. The final form is a reflected shadow of the mind that perceives it. The structure of the program thus represents reality as a method that is the mirror image of knowing. There appears to be less ability on the perception of the process than in the process of mimicry itself.

A physical process does underly the living memory and it is fairly obvious that it is only possible through a few different means. If I am correct, I can create a false memory or erase a memory in an ant and see the effective response change to determine if it correlates with the process I am analyzing. I have a favorite mechanism that will be tested first and I am virtually certain that I can create a situation and mask the different aspects of that memory and thus its response and future response by repetition of the altered perception, even if it is counterintuitive in its action. It is some times said that a person is the sum of their experience. If that is so then a technique which alters that experience in a way that is undetectable to the individual would seem to create a new person in some odd way.

Lack of reinforcement would eventually lead to decay to some natural state, however it could be assumed that it would be impossible for such an entity altered in this way to act beyond its physicality of being. It is another of those strange valleys that I thought would never be possible, but youth is marked by arrogant enthusiasm and age by understanding and perspective. I do think that Rod Serling and other fiction writers considered what possible strange things could come of science and speculated on the effect, but it is very different to imagine a turkey than to eat it. A great deal of what will happen depends on the motives of those who possess the tools. Abuse of power comes from its action and not its possibility or level of capability. The method of power is the exercise of abuse, however there does come a point where they become so entangled in the complexity and variability of its implementation that it becomes virtually impossible.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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