Future Shock

It is very clear to me that the changes in the stock market are a positive thing. The movement away from a centrally controlled economic state can only be a positive step for humanity. I predict ( and I am virtually sure of this ) that within a year it will be possible to download a catalytic chemical file in a format as easy as .deb and install it to produce any chemical that occurs in nature. The crisis that this represents for companies that depend on holding people hostage to the tradition of greed as motivation for invention is a boon for the individual and humanity as a whole. It is very simple math. The idea that 10 people who work openly and for common interest can produce an exponentially larger effect. That gain for an individual is greater than the gain an individual can get when they completely control for the profit of self above others. The difference is that everybody is rich in results, but nobody is king. That is what pisses off the people who like to lord over others.

It is also obviously possible to fabricate self replicating systems that produce physical objects. The advancements that I already understand in physics and chemistry will ultimately lead to unlimited energy access and from that unlimited material function. The only real obstacle for people is to find a way to work together and not fear the future.

With the process that I described and documented earlier I have taken blender to new heights. I see that I can represent the interaction of a biochemical process in 3D with time and state. I can save that as a blend file and deliver a complete 3 dimensional view of the process of DNA or enzymes or chemical combination with interactive controls. I was not aware of the "game" (or in my understanding of it "interactive simulation") aspects of blender and I must assume that this project incorporates aspects that are certainly would be worth billions of dollars in a private setting and they are free to everyone in the world. Isn't that odd. The thing that shocks me most is that 100% of all people on the planet don't use Linux. Why would somebody pay money for Microsoft buggy shit when something vastly more useful is free. I have no clue why that would be.

It is obvious to me that I can easily create audiovisual product that rivals TV. The broadcast products are so predictable and formula that they could have been written by a "hobbit man". I just saw some information about a branch species of man that was like Hobbits. I have to believe that the history of humanity has had some very odd twists and turns over the last few million years and I doubt that a person like myself would have been much different in the time of the Pharonic rule. There is no reason to suspect that the neural capabilities of the species has changed much in the last 20K years.

I do think that there was a time during the ice ages that culture evolved in caves and that would have been a really weird place when the ice covered continents.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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