Blender models and funny things

This Tim Minchin video at PodBlack is very funny as a mathematical / social concept. It is really funny.

On the issue of blender I was studying this female figure made by TiZeta da Italia to see how it was constructed and how to avoid problems in a model before you even start the process. This snapshot shows that the model was textured with shading, which is a bit silly considering that it interferes with the representation of form with shadow. It is a very nice low poly base form and it is rigged. It is not rigged in the way I would do it. The hair is just another surface and that can be done in many better ways. I like the way in which the sections of the model are laid out in the texture file as it is collected and understandable. My interest is to have NURBS surfaces generated by the surface curvature of a generated genotype cell model and as such it is possible to specify the degree of fidelity in curvature at the triangle level. In the same way that a bezier has a curvature and scale of action, so can a triangle have the same feature which more closely conforms to the ultimate goal of realistic automated process.

The separated rigging does look a bit like a terminator.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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