DNA , is it tarred and zipped or just gzipped

This was on my mind a few weeks ago ( Link to Scientific Blogging and then to Scripps ) and it is a verification of what I already surmised. The compression and expansion of DNA is a critical factor in how it is expressed. It is another of those unique traits that makes it the molecule of choice for life. It isn't an idle computation of a few tera-flops, it comprises a research effort of 1050! and will never be rivaled by computers. The idea that 1012 has any near association to 1050! is as ludicrous as saying that 10100 is merely a googol and I will have 10 of them please.

It is odd that Google passes the Google spell checker and the origin term googol does not. I could make a HHGU (Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Universe) joke and say that 1042! is the actual number, but nature does serve as a guide for the best technique to achieve many goals.

There are many ways to remove the continuous external integuement of felis domesticus, or F. catus if you like. It is very interesting that some of these ways of actually seeing the living molecule at work are now becoming real. The idea that quantum uncertainty makes this impossible is so absurd and I knew this 40 years ago. Look forward to many new ways of imaging in life below the wavelength of light, as the skinning can proceed from any point on the surface of an orange.

I also hate to be the party pooper for the Big Bong, but I would wager a fair amount of egoboo that the simulations of matter at the boundary of visible universe do not conform to a boundary condition that should be a few billion years ago in terms of a single event universe and that was a stretch when it first proposed and now it is a group of advocates desperately clinging to the thing that made them seem powerful and intelligent. Like a Catholic church that once ordered what was true in the universe as opposed to allowing the rocks to fall as they may. I am free to have my own considered opinion and it does not include the sureness of universal origin that seems to be all the rage.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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