Blender progress

Blender is a very powerful tool and I have gone through the tutorials several times and each time I become more familiar with the keys, clicks, menus, and states. Like OpenGL, the documentation can tell you what the theory is behind the rendering pipeline and how methods are applied, but it requires some experience to get the feel for what is happening and what parts of the process can be changed. It is a vast landscape of possibilities and I have progressed to the point that I can get in and out of trouble easily with a design. The picture incorporates shaping, lights, camera positioning, subsurf, text, and smoothing. It is obvious that I will be able to script the entire process and all it requires is to be aware of the pitfalls as attractors to avoid and the available degrees of freedom.

I find it odd that I can keep the shortcut keys straight between K3D, Inkscape, Konqueror, Blender, shell console, vim, kate editor, and all the other programs without getting my brain all tangled up with the complexity. On occasion I do get the urge to do a Control+Z while posting.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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