Ant Inscrutable (AI)

How to make an SDK of an ant. Since an ant already has the necessary hardware to sense small amounts of specific chemicals, operate in the dark, and has the largest brain to weight ratio of any creature (AFAIK), it seems to be the best target for farming the abilities of the natural world. It would be an effective replacement pollinator for bees or use in many other areas of plant protection or maintenance. They can also process and sub-contract the removal of energy from debris by using organisms that they farm for their benefit. They can also use their own bodies to store materials as do the "honeypot" ants. They are very resilient and do not require the presence of a vast ecosystem to maintain themselves.

They are the perfect organism for extra-terrestrial investigation. An ant can survive a drop from any altitude, can withstand vacuum for long periods, is tolerant of radiation, can operate after exposure to near absolute zero, and has a mass to power ratio that would make Arnold look weak.

I have confirmed these things in my lab. I was absolutely stunned to find that an ant can survive being placed in a vacuum chamber which contained liquid Nitrogen. I am not sure of the absolute survival time. I know that it exceeds 5 minutes in absolute hard vacuum.

I have discovered a new fact about the brain and it makes it clear that the brain is far more complex than even I had imagined. To make an adequate simulation with a single stream execution processor, it would have to operate at nearly 1023 cycles per second. It seems the only way to have a truly advanced super computer is to use the natural mechanism and arrays of organisms. I know it has been done with "worm brains", but I feel that they have failed to identify some of the critical interactive factors because they operate below the scale of a few A°s.

The key to a truly successful application as a super computer would require that it do the following: (1) Build a 3D structure which is the sub neural interconnect. (2) Place an ant at each junction to function as an interactive super neuron. (3) Have circulating ants that served to provide food an remove waste and maintain the structure of the system. (4) A design that allowed the flow of air to remove or sink the interactive signals.

If you are not familiar with ants, you might think that any of these things are bizarre and impossible, however these type of engineering feats are common place for an organized ant colony. They also comprise nearly ten times the biomass of humans.

They could possibly be the naturally induced mBrains.

The ant at the top left farms leaves and uses a fungus to convert it to usable energy. They are in their habitat a super organism and colonies can range over a continent. They can range in size from a creature smaller than the point of a pen to several centimeters in length.


gfellow said...

Cool research, but be more circumspect on using the term "absolute vacuum".
The stuff - or lack of it - is hard to come by in this universe. A better alternative might be "hard vacuum"

Paul Mohr said...

You are correct in that. My brother has called me on that before, saying "Even diamonds have a vapor pressure." It is astounding that a single gram-molecular weight of anything contains 6.022 x 10^23 molecules. It is more than the number of stars in the visible universe.

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Automated Intelligence
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