The war with cats is over

A Microsoft lawyer has proclaimed in an article at CNET that the war with open source is over. Wow! I guess there is a new sheriff in town and he can herd cats. I for one, welcome our new anarchy overlords. That is fine because I have patented their DNA© and as such, their intellectual works are derived from the chemical machines I own.

On a serious note, the value of establishing a standard platform was reasonable, however Microsoft is now fighting against standards. It is like what happened to IBM so many times. Make a standard and lose control. Microsoft is so 70's in their approach. Hey Bill || Ballmer (nuts)(and as Hitler funny!) it is 2008 and you aren't 15 anymore. Standards have evolved by internet use and trying to put all the cats back in the bag and return to a time when there was only one PC architecture running DOS is hopeless and reminds me , "GET OFF MY LAWN".

It is my technical opinion that Microsoft saw the effectiveness of open source and stole ideas from it like it did from everybody. They were careful to ask their lawyers how much they could get away with and still win in court or lose in court and only give away a percentage of what they stole or delay it long enough that it killed the competition. They are still reeling from the idea that they have to compete and they have no idea how to do that. At least IBM has finally learned how to operate in a free software market. BAL, COBOL, JCL forever! on the big iron.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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