Touch of the dragon's tail

I work with a lot of technology and it doesn't bother me to switch from siRNA ( small interfering RNA ) to object oriented C to theoretical physics or FPGAs ( field programmable gate arrays ). It is mostly the fact that I get tired of studying and it seems that it will never all soak in. A lot of times I will fiddle with something that keeps me busy until all the parts manage to connect themselves in my mind. It is frustrating when it doesn't become immediately coherent, but it is also dangerous for me to advance too quickly as it sometimes causes a mental situation that is like a prompt critical in nuclear reaction, where a single thermal neutron splits an unstable nucleus and gives off a couple more neutrons N0 which then makes it 1+ critical very quickly.

Like putting too many marbles in a wet paper bag neutrons in a nucleus with too many protons to bond tightly.

I am attempting to do the math or actually create a method that will work in real time. What I mean is that 2000!( factorial) is not going to do it. I need a log2(x) solution. Anyway, I did realize that I can produce a massive γ burst which was interesting. I have to believe that when I am finished analyzing all this that I will know exactly what many of the strange stuff is in the universe is caused by. I suspect that some of the gamma ( γ) is actually a signature of the possible energy conversion that I now know exists and would allow at least near c ( speed of light ) travel easily. I think that evidence of other creatures is all around us, however we need to see that it is not a silver 'bird' but a FAL® (fast as light) machine taking off.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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