BANG the BIG drum

I vehemently support the big bang theory because there is no possibility of there being another possibility to explain the data, since everything is known and understood. On top of that, I fear that people will not be adequately prepared for the ultimate re-compression of the universe into a tiny singularity and its re-expansion. I would be doing everybody harm if I did not get them started on a plan to save ourselves from this horrible collapse that could happen in a few billion years. Besides, what would come of us if we don't recognize this as absolutely true and complete.</sarcasm>

I think it is a silly concept to explain a set of data that was incomplete and they keep beating that dead horse, even when there is data that does not conform. I think that we are not in a position to have enough data or understanding to even speculate on such a vast conclusion.

The idea of

  • time machines,
  • worm holes,
  • faster than light drives,
  • ghosts,
  • werewolves,
  • demons and devils,
  • multiple realities,
  • perpetual motion to energy devices,
  • cow magnet carburetors,
  • and other ideas

make for good science fiction premises, but have no sound basis. I do talk about some very odd topics and I am sure that others think I am being silly or insane sometimes, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. As much as it bugs me to see people waste their time and energy on things which I think are fantasy, it is the implementation that determines what is real. I can't say for certain that a worm hole like effect is impossible, I just have no ideas whatsoever on how to do it with the physics evidence and tools that exist today.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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