Three dimensional mind

New information about neuropsin as a key difference in the human brain is interesting.

I have been cleaning up my understanding of XML and how programs are generated with XML. CSS, XUL, and xml-stylesheets. There is a basic relationship there about the relationship of information. Inherent in a mind is the idea of a two dimensional view of the world created by binaural and binary optic effects. The universe is three dimensional. I can see how neural arrays can coordinate 2-D information easily, however real 3-D understanding may only come from a new type of neural array mechanism.

There is a bizarre new technology which I think is really freaky because it begs to be abused. An interface that is driven by a computer is connected to a rat's brain and influences its solutions to problems by providing neural stimulation for positive results from the perspective of the experimenter and it works. It is exactly like implanting a neural stimulator in the pleasure, anger, and pain centers of the brain to modify behavior to be controlled by an external machine or person. This begs to be used as mind control for people by those who cherish power over others.

The idea that some members of the species have developed a pattern of eliminating their biological competitors by various means of deception and force is not likely to go away easily. It certainly must, as it is a remnant of evolutionary pressure that is counter to the potential of the human race to determine its own path outside of selecting individuals by the death of others. Tribal instincts also play into this process and I wonder if humans can deal with their own mental limitations when presented with unlimited power?

I seems strange that many people fall down in a virtual hypnotic state when faced with economic crisis. It reminds me of sheep being hypnotized by tipping them over. The reality of the world goes away and they believe everything they are told. I think this is a continuous process that is reinforced by governments and institutions to maintain their position over the minds of common people. When the world is considered to be in an economic crisis, there is absolutely no difference in the matter, structure or energy. The difference arises from the fact that economic control has failed and it is necessary to motivate people to produce more for those who collect from the activity of individuals. I think this is definitely the last go round for that. Once it is possible to integrate the super computers built by the labors of the people, with the robots that can now build themselves, .... people will be obsolete and likely to deleted by those who can have power without manipulating people. It is a problem when you let somebody get their hands around your throat and then no longer need you. Those who seek power do so for their own reasons and are the most dangerous enemy of life itself. The value of human life has been decaying since the industrial revolution. The last barrier of replacing the common man with machines is approaching and the tools available to clean the world of those who are not members of the elite are quite elegant. It seems obvious that if an elite minority wanted to have the world for themselves that they would need computers, robots, and tools to dispose of the inferiors.

It is hard to say how long it will be ( if ever ) that such a thing might happen. Many things are disturbing the balance of nature and there is a new brain to brain interface being developed. The thing that makes me think that governments are moving ever closer to an oligarchy supported by machines or bio-controlled organism is just the vector of the past behavior. Government creeps to control ever aspect of the life of the inferiors.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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