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This post at overcoming bias is certainly getting to the point. The hardware and the motivation are part of what determines what decisions will be made by an individual. They have a good point in a previous post about power corruption. It ultimately becomes a situation where they use their power to further their own biological continuance and pleasure.

Creating an AI that functions morally above self is wrong, I think, because absolute morality is wrong. If I measure the worth of other things by a value that is different than the material aspect, then I can add negative or positive at will. Conflict of existence arises from change. In order for new things to happen, the previous thing must cease to exist at times.

Ultimately we must face the dragon and if the dragon wins,then so be it. In some ways the future may be better or worse, but it is bound to be different and difference is an end to what is now and that is death in some form or another.

The wild destruction and consumption for personal gain is illogical. It has no sound basis in the universe and will not operate when faced with a more effective approach. If the rational individual defeats the madman by cunning and complexity, then he is defeated and gone. Nature finds a way to control the poison it creates and only apply it when needed. A scorpion stings with purpose, prions act without purpose.

A reasoning person does not take to violence easily because it is dangerous for everything to start on a path that has no bounds to the destruction that may ensue and engulf all. I spoke to a sensible Admiral once while at the Pentagon and he said "War is the mistake we make, when we have no other choice."



Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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