Python scripting Blender

Obviously I am not the only one who is lazy and likes to make scripts to do things. I managed to start blender, make a cube, center it , split the screen, make the second window scripts, select Interactive console, type in a blender python script, and execute it on the "Cube" Now if I hadn't studied python, object oriented programming, blender, 3d concepts, I would have been a bit confused with the whole process. It was sweet and I beveled the cube and then went off to see what was available and there is something called a "makeHuman" script and if that does what I think it does, I am going to mod it to "makeAnt".

A blender tutorial I am looking at now is this and if there is something interesting there I will document that. It seems a bit out of date and might even be inscrutable, and maybe they would rather you buy the book in French. I passed on that TOOT.

This wiki Noob to pro may have a better reference. I will check that and report. Ok it seems that it is possible to do what I want, but it isn't exactly what I want and so I guess I will do it in C and make a device driver that is the mouse and key that simulates what I want. That is better from an AI standpoint as the AI is learning how to use the computer also. Good tutorials, but not quite what I specifically need. Technically that way it can run and write Python scripts also.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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