Its all in your mind

This article at Wired ( 15 year old charged with child porn for nakedness ) highlights a simple fact that pornography is in the mind. I have several daughters and I was raised on a farm. Sometimes when I was young I would get naked and run through the sprinklers in the summer when it was hot. The idea that somebody is twisted up in the head means that innocent or even misguided children become criminals is just as absurd as the pedophiles.

The government is manufacturing a crime in its own mind for its benefit and it is just as dangerous as the pedophiles. Since a criminal could fake a policeman's badge and use it to trick somebody, we should pass a law that says possession of a badge is a felony. The people who create the tools of monarch are not that stupid, they know exactly what the are doing when they create these laws and to feign surprise that such a silly process could result in more harm than good is no matter to the people who seek power. The mere fact that they arrested this girl is absurd. There is no exclusion in the law that says politicians, policemen, prosecutors, civil servants and others are excluded from the law and how many arrests have been made when a clerk transfers evidence in a porn trial?

I suggest that their perversion is the sexual thrill they get from exerting power over others.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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