Economy 3.0 Satire 3.1

I am getting worried with all the economic news. I have started to run out of pixel dust. I can't continue blogging without pixels and so I am going to recycle some pixels and maybe some of the purple ones that I don't like, as they are cheap.

Warning! political satire

I built a bunch of new houses that are ugly. I can't sell them for twice their build cost. If I don't sell these crappy ugly houses, I can't hire more people to build more crappy ugly houses. This is a dire situation because my friend the banker employs people too and if you don't repay 4 times the value of the inflated value of the house, he can't pay his employees to buy my crappy, ugly, outdated, overpriced houses. I need 750 Billion dollars and you may think I pulled that figure out of an excretory orifice, but that was just odd that it came out to such a round figure. The politicians can't collect property tax on the houses or your labor either and so they will give me the 750 I need to keep the game going. That money comes from you anyway by debasing everything. So you can't win and if you don't play we will have the police find you on the street and taser you until you die or start playing our rigged game again. I don't think you people are getting any smarter, I think you just need to close your eyes and dream of OZ. Repeat after me "There's no place like home."


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen