Alien Intervention (AI) (Real Aliens)

To understand the universe it is necessary to understand how it operates. You have to know what you are looking at and what is possible to make sense of what information is available. From my standpoint I can see that energy and space are not real issues in an advanced culture. It is possible to extract all of the energy from matter and use it to produce whatever effect an entity would desire. Dilbert blog has an interesting/funny speculation on the end of humanity today.

What I see in the universe is a set of collectors designed to extract and convert the randomness back into a usable form. Just like a dam converts the random energy of sunlight to usable mechanical energy, a "black hole"<sic> converts the random energy in the universe back to protons which then have a large store of usable energy. It does seem odd that we live in the midst of one of these, however I would assume that the design is less of a design and more of an advantageous attractor like all good designs.

The scale and time frame of the universe implies that any creatures that are more advanced than humans would necessarily function on a time frame and scale that would make them virtually invisible because we would not look there as it seems impossible.

Speculating, aliens would hardly be interested in what we might communicate anymore than I might listen to the chemical signaling of a colony insect like the ant or bees. The immediately potential scale of life in the near future is a system without death and virtually unlimited energy. I wonder what the impact of the fact that a natural mechanism could produce immortality and virtually unlimited effect could have on the ideas of religion, where a person is promised "goodies" after they are dead. That seems actually funny in a sick sort of way. Like a really good con. Conman: "Work for me your entire life without complaint and I will give you 120$ per hour after you are dead."

You can keep beaming radio wave ant trails as long as you like, but aliens will not notice unless you find some way to bite them and if you do, expect to be killed. The only way to meet an alien is to become one.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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