Pedictions and time frame

Just because I know it can be done, I assume it will eventually be done by somebody and this article on galactic internet at Nature News and physicists going to LHC are examples of movement toward a direct neutrino based communication and a new theory of how matter interacts. Gravity technology is really the future of technology in my opinion.

Alice Ignore has had some new thoughts and they are included in her new book Walking on the Existential Ceiling. The Ant robot economy is doing well as a design. The idea of integrating so many different technologies is going to work, but it is definitely a mind fscker.I am trying to create a system that is designed complexly that does not need to be modified in its core. I created an OS in the 1970s that has stood the test of time and the principles involved are still valid for robots or AI. I think I have managed to create a usable framework that plugs the limitations of the `'C'` language.

In terms of predictions that might never come true, it seems that the complexity involved in understanding the possibilities is the main factor in the relationship between when I become aware that something is possible and when it is ultimately produced. I will have to make a vector arrangement to test that. I have played with the game Adanaxis recently and that is an interesting concept of space game in 4 dimensions of space. Oh well, back to grinding and forging code.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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