New Paradigm: Programming with games

I had an idea that seems to be fun. I am building worlds in a game that are actually circuits. By placing a specific character at a specific 3D location and defining pipes that flow between them I can create a visual program that I can walk through and modify or debug by slowing it down or speeding it up while inside the data flow.

The concept is that each 'monster' has an AI program assigned to it that modifies what it gets and sends it out on the streams that are connected to it. The player can move anywhere and stop streams or create new streams and modify the process of the monster. As a result the streams flow together and become data. An example would be a grep game that had the input from a pipe and an output to a file or stream. As such it would be a visual editor of how the program worked and would serve as a 3d model for creating the circuit in reality as a device.

This fits well with my other AI nano and biological structure that would be 3D worlds inside a cell or cell system or neural array and would make it possible for anybody to make a change and see what effect this had without learning a new debug technique.

I will post a video on the antfarmgl site when there is a good example available. I think this is a way for non-programmers to become programmers. It is a REAL visual programming language. I can see the action of the monsters and watch the data and its value as it flows in streams and it can generate a program from the edited process.


Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

aliens worlds...PLANET JESUS

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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