Ants Implementation

The idea of integrating a programming language as a game is taking shape. I have decided that it will be like a theme park that has an entrance to different programs that can be run simultaneously. For each world there is a enable /start / stop / step / reset buttons to operate the world and in the worlds are buildings that are input, output, storage, manufacturing and various other special buildings. The files building would have rooms that are directories and it is possible to plug into a file or see its type information as you move through the data warehouse.

The individual parts of a complete process or game would have different types of pipes that correspond to real data or computing methods. Things like binary pipes for Yes / No operations, pipes that contain text, pipes that flow with objects or structures. The pipes can be converted like 'casting' a variable. It would then be more obvious when a variable is improperly used as it would not plug into a method that had no socket for it. So methods have sockets for the specific data that they use and a mathematical operation would not take a text string directly without going through a converter to put it in a number pipe.

There is also a central room where a bot can be sent to perform a sequence of operation that are recorded from actions or simply defined for that bot. In other words the bot could go find a type of file and connect it to the grep and sed and tee worlds to produce an output to view like a log viewer or any program that converted format for viewing or printing.

The bots could be given instruction sheets that correspond to STOPS ( standard operating procedures ). It makes the use of computers more like the way a person would deal with them and less like a contrived language. Instead of making the programmer conform to a standard, the computer uses its power to conform itself to a user friendly interface.

All the individual worlds or rooms would be duplicated upward and be used for many different processes. It seems that the whole process of design and implementation would be far easier if the information was presented in a way that was intuitive. This also lends itself to a 3D rover that can connect circuit elements like FPGAs with wires and power to produce an actual physical circuit that functions in the same way as the program.

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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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