Wolf lives in the hen house

It seems the best way to be a terrorist is to be in the government now. It would make perfect sense, from the any thing goes perspective of a terrorist. You need to have government position and use that position to conceal the terrorism. You could go on for years and never be discovered because the government can't regulate itself in the same way it does others. They certainly don't want warrant less searches of corporate offices, police stations, and missile silos and so they are perfect hiding places for a terrorist. Just like AIDs, it infects the mechanism designed to protect. It means that in the future, or today, the government could really be the source of foreign terror and not just a constant illogical burden.

The more that government excludes itself from inspection and regulation, the more they become a safe haven for the person who seeks to be hidden and destroy the government itself. I hardly think there is a test that people use that certifies that a person should be above the law when they are elected or appointed. It is absurd to think that a person is somehow different simply because of their position. I could see that somebody who is getting millions of dollars in graft would be unlikely to rob a liquor store, but it would not preclude them from selling nuclear weapons to a private party if they got enough to build a bomb shelter on their private island. The mere fact that they would protest their investigation seems as suspicious as it would for a policeman who says "Can I search your car?" and if your answer is no, then you are suspicious and subject to search and if you agree, they do it also.


Paul Mohr said...

I am sorry but I can't pass up such an easy pun....Government Aides takes on a new meaning.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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