Cyber block

It is interesting that a plan to shut down the internet is already in place with the US government and obviously it is already in use other places. When the only information that you have is what you are allowed to see, then this is mind control. The data determines the outcome of a calculation as much as the calculation. It is a paired object process. x + y = action. If y is known ( process of thought ) then it is only to modify x until the desired outcome ( action ) is achieved.

My prediction of complete neural control of the general population of the world by a few 'enlightened' individuals is well in progress and the tools are as old as mind itself. There is no resistance to the process. People talk about revolution to stop a process and that is not really where a solution could possibly be achieved. The process revolves around mental control and you cannot shoot ideas or stop that which is invisible to you.

The art of control is well advanced and is the most effective science for greatest effect. If you want power, money or any other thing, it is easier to use the minds and material of others to achieve that goal than doing what little an individual can do for themselves. My suggestion that people must either develop a good open individual approach across global borders or face perpetual slavery still stands and progresses exactly as I would expect it to. I do not expect people to crack wise in sufficient numbers to make any great difference in the result. These weasels have been sneaking up on people for as long as life has existed and it is just the easiest way to get something done. I know it is not the best answer, but it is the most expedient and path of least resistance for a 'class' that lives by exploiting people of lesser intellect, lack of information, age, position, weakness, or a lesser enthusiasm for destruction.

I cannot comment on the morality of having a 'Matrix' society that is programmed like a node in a network to find solutions for the people who simply see power and grasp it, with no clear goal, except their impulse to control and extend their personal reach. The intellectual arguments which favor a more reasonable society are not heard above the roar of the tanks and even my vague delusion that it could resolve in any other fashion are now just a nice dream I had once. I suppose it is absurd to even imagine such a thing. No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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