I am not going to consider the morality of the universe, just consider the process. In the body we practice a form of 'eugenics' in the creation of antibodies to antigens which destroy the body if left unchecked. So there is a constant flux of organisms that seek to consume the body and the body has developed a method to have coherence and reject those things that seek to consume vital parts of it for their genetic survival.

I could be said in general that a society of people could function in this way also. The coherence of an organism is in it's common purpose. It could be said that as far as humanity as an organism, that certain factors tend toward destruction of the whole and thus they are less complex elements that seek to survive by parasitic action. The host and parasite relationship can in some ways be beneficial to the process of survival.

In a larger sense it could be said that any organism which seeks to survive in the universe must adapt to reasonable complexity that allows the organism to continue. This does not mean the static survival of the pyramids or Colossus of Rhodes, but the survival of principles and methods that ultimately exist. Since people are capable of thought, they can ponder the universe and as such, they are not ants or cells and the analogy of body is lost there.

I consider the intellectual evolution of people to be as important as the biological process. It is not hard to see that whatever choice a militant population takes, it will be revered by the survivors as they will be the living. To make competent and effective solutions in a complex universe requires knowledge of the structure and consequence. A population that selects for aggression and rejects intellectual advance will become a sub species or a memory.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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