Composite mind of ants

As individuals, ants seem rather stupid and incapable of survival and I guess they are not individuals in any sense. A fungus will develop quorum and then emerge to a shape when the conditions are right. The individual cells of our body have no real identity and when they act for their own survival, it is cancer. The common logic that is present in ants allows them to function as a type of brain. The chemical triggers that flow through a population can affect the process of their actions locally or globally. There are certain points in the process that allow for controlling that pseudo consciousness. During the wild west I have heard that people were staked in the sun and honey was poured on their bodies to get ants to consume them in a horrific way. I would say that this was social engineering of ants in that way.

Other processes in culture function this way and have attractors which can be triggered to cause a certain mood that leads to directional changes. I wonder if there are some people so arrogant and self deluded that they would use the population of the United States like ants. Sprinkle a little anthrax, point at a target, and let the ants kill what you want for your personal motives. I suppose it is done and perhaps it is done quite a lot. I don't think it requires a great deal of intelligence to stake somebody in the sun and pour sugar on them, it merely requires a belief that the ants are so stupid and inconsequential that they have no say in what you decide and they will never crack wise to the fact that you are using them. Dinking around with your fellow humans can lead to very messy consequences sometimes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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