Space pirates


I wonder if it would be entertaining to be a space pirate. The same conditions that existed in the early days of sailing ships exists now. Space is a difficult and dangerous place to travel and it would seem that since space technology is so expensive, a successful pirate could sneak in and steal satellites and sell them to other countries or operate them. It would actually be a rather strange thing. Just like the early pirates, they would steal other peoples ships and specialize in the art of sea warfare.

They could steal the satellites and space stations to operate for themselves and they could do many things that nations could not. In some ways pirates led the way for many warfare techniques and had less fear of death and took more chances to expand their reach. If you have to be a perfect "right stuff" person to get into space, it might not be the best survival trait when faced with a ruthless and crafty person who can do anything without moral restriction.

I may be a horrible characteristic of the human race, but many new lands have been created by the brutal extinction of it's native inhabitants. It might be the only place where human individuality could survive. I see that there are hydrocarbons on a moon and oxygen on mars and if you have the upper hand in space it is very similar to the British rule of the seas. I wonder if it would be better to go out in a blaze of rockets or die a heat death in a continuously more restricted society that is intending to smother the very nature of life itself. Implosion or quantum leap.

Yar! I likes me freedom more than me life.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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