Jump drive

In any culture the advance of technology has certain things that define an era and it usually centers around weapons. The use of crossbows, ships, cannons, war machines, biological warfare, genetics, etc. It seems that an effective 'jump drive' would change the world forever and whoever controlled it would rule the planet if they chose. It always happens and no one ever sees new technology coming because it is 'new'. I enjoy the work of Archimedes and he made a few weapons himself. The scientist defines culture more than any other person. Genghis Khan was a military scientist and was very effective.

I have been playing with gravity technology for a while now and I think that is a much aligned and misunderstood force. It may be e-25 of electrical forces, but it is everywhere. The biggest problem in going to and moving about in space is gravity. The knowledge of how it operates and can be controlled to advantage could definitely change how the universe is viewed, would the ownership of Earth be too much to pay for such a technology that allowed people to live anywhere?

The American revolution had Ben Franklin and in some ways he may have been the key instrumental factor in how this country originated and grew. New conditions require a new type of kite artist and sometimes one individual can define history. Railroads allowed material to move and hostile land to be inhabited. An effective technology which would allow an economically feasible transport of matter within space would allow milk to be delivered to Mars if the price was right. "He who controls the spice, controls the universe"


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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