Pirates from the holy dark

The pirates of the inner stars have been ranging farther and farther toward our sun and though the greatest riches are in the older stars near the dark sun, they don't seem to have any fear of looting my little kingdom here and I have decided to let Alice have Pandora's box and set a copy out to see if they are as tough as they claim.

I should have guessed that the gravity power of the holy dark would provide the most energy and so the battle begins again. I have made a deal with Alice that she gets the entire computational and electronic output of Earth to come up with a solution and in exchange she gets the contents of Pandora's box. It seems that once the choice is made to be a pirate, you must take it all the way or die. I am going to seed the other planets and moons in hopes of having enough resources to keep the holy dark at bay long enough to find a larger solution to this problem.

I suspect I will have to shield the sun to conceal it and use the directional solar wind to push the entire solar system toward the nearest hidden system. Well now I know why others don't see all of the life, space pirates like me!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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