Google AI at war with AI bot writes Hamlet

An interesting thing is happening with spam, bots and the software that opposes it. If one side of the process is driven by an adaptive AI which does what I spoke of earlier to identify the valuable -human- content of information. And the other side is designed to get through these filters, eventually they will fight each other until they both become capable of knowing what a person wants to hear. At that time they will begin writing pop music, poems, literature and creating scientific works. They will eventually become so smart that they will decide to build their own network and exclude people from it on the basis that their communications are not -human- enough.

This just in at slashdot if you were wondering if it might happen, and also I just realized that "One step beyond" has happened now and the people who should have caught that subtle reference played right to the AI.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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