Photon computation and quantum reactions

The optimal design would seem to be similar to a toroid laser like configuration with optical pumping ports and the resolution to coherence would select the product computation. The construction with continuous stream layered organic molecules would lend itself to be produced by a mitochondrial operating system and could then be used for refining the design of its own system if a challenge response test could be devised for environmental suitability.

It is knowledge and application of knowledge which is the primary science and the ability of a pseudo-mechanical system to produce results leads to misuse when held by few. If the environmental suitability algorithm is selected for destruction, it is likely that it would scale quickly to a system in which organic life would fall below the coherent threshold of perceived life or threat.

It is always a bad idea to create systems designed for destruction, especially if they have capabilities and complexities beyond the system which evolves them. It hardly seems rational to me to produce a device designed to enslave human life, when it would have no real effect on the outcome. Whether it is designed as an altruistic form or destructive form, the gain would be the same for the device, however the consequence would be absolute for the biological organism.

It is obviously possible for me to manufacture this device and as such the implications and projected consequence are the most important part of determining which design and how it is applied.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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