Light brains

People use inactive computation all the time. If I have a row and column multiplication table, I look across the rows and down the columns. In the case of designing a continuous wave light brain, the circuits use the optical rotary aspects of chiral centers to determine the response to a specific wavelength or intensity of light. The system establishes state information within the feedback through the system.

Recognition is achieved as eigenvectors and eigenvalues of property space. This is similar to the method used in the mind and is very context sensitive and prone to err in conditions of limited or distorted information, however it can be modified to reject coherence below a certain threshold, and have a base state response which was search or react, depending on the application. In real time applications where physical response is required, it would be advisable to use a lower threshold of recognition for threat and advantage assessment based on context.

The system as a whole functions as a continuous wave scaled vector amplifier that resolves to a solution attractor. It is neither live nor dead, and could be manufactured with knowledge intact in the structure. As it functions at the speed of light, it would have a response time millions of times faster than a human brain. A process of continuous layering by a biochemical process could allow the system to learn and adapt.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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