Open source space

I would like to have an open source space program and I would contribute to that if there were a way that it could be guaranteed to remain free for all people to use and never controlled to destroy things or establish more national pissing grounds in space. It seems that the international cooperation that could have happened in space exploration has degraded to several rival camps again and it seems as there will never be any agreement between nations until somebody dominant comes along from outside or a nation establishes dominance in space.

There are certainly better ways of doing this and I have approached the idea of telling somebody before, but I always think about what has been done with my ideas before. I don't want to make things that get twisted to be weapons and I don't want the things I create to be used against people in general. I will be happy with the fact that I am not making matters worse by accelerating a bad guiding principle. I am sure that some time in the future there will be somebody who can come up with the same ideas. I do find it odd that many of my ideas get duplicated fairly quickly and this knowledge is 15 years old and nobody has come close to the proper design of a spacecraft yet. It seems no more unusual to me than some of the advances in laser microscopy or material science. Perhaps it is some basic issue of how the science is taught.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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