The only valid startup

After long consideration of technology and the range of research and progress in many areas of science it is my opinion that there is only one valuable startup company and it should be in some way open source. It is a method to implement scalable neural arrays in a self replicating framework. The idea would not be to model the brain of a predator, but to organize the elements in the same way as a solution matrix would operate with three dimensional connectivity of elements in a self constructing connection guided by activation of condition, action, and goal sets.

Existing single thread processors are simpler to use, but they do not have the capability to deal with the combinatorial complexity of the universe. This is the goal of Ant Farm and I see that it is easily achievable and would be the primary technology in the future. The biggest problem is that it creates a situation which obsoletes the necessity for systems of people who act as the guides for public action. It is the intent of the population to combine and select for best effect. If a selected individual considered to be best suited to lead is less capable than a designed circuit, the selected individual will draw their constituents into impossible battles to support their position which will result in failure which will destroy the person and all those who follow a bad premise.

This is the same silly scenario that is repeatedly presented by the military and government. -ME- are better at deciding the most effective approach to a problem than the computers that exceed our skill. It is just obviously silly, I would never attempt to defeat a computer system specifically designed to play chess. It also creates the problem that individuals as a part of this system will make the same mistakes also. It seems to be a doomed process that will only resolve by destruction of those who choose to ignore the use of technology as a tool and move forward against the best advice that can be created.

If I have a computer brain that allows me to predict and model the outcome of complex process accurately, I can select the action which best serves my interests. I have already discovered some basic flaws in how energy is viewed and it allows a greater amount of energy to be available. The process of discovery will never exclude life, as it is the 'reason' for seeking new understanding.If a system is created that imitates the goal of life it will fail and take everybody with it also.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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