Monte Carlo and TSP

The universe is complex and very little is actually known about the complete structure of it and even things as common as water. Solutions to problems that involve such a complex and chaotic system do not come from single monolithic approaches. The greatest advantage of open and combined efforts in any field of endeavor is that it functions as a tool against chaos. A single approach could be a good local minimum, but a single approach is not good for chaotic systems with many variables. It is the Monte Carlo effect of many individuals taking their best approach to a problem that is the most effective. Linux and the number of possible choices seems odd at times, but actually it is this multitude of approaches that enhances the possibility of success.

Just because an individual approach is successful for a while does not imply that the other methods are wrong or right. I used the Gnome desktop the last week or so on an installation and it has some advantages.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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