Long reach of the guide

I wonder if people are a genetic survey team. I had thought that it would not be possible to have a 'machine' that supplanted the human race. It is obvious to me now that a type of machine which is neither machine or chemical or genetic is very much possible and it would not wage war against people. It would not even be noticed. It does seem strange that what we call life could in fact be some form of tool that is used to prepare a planet like fertilizer.

The principles of intelligence can be boiled down to a foo() in the same way that the foo() for a dominance genetic selection mechanism. The ability to predict and thus control the progress of an entity is inherent in its survival. It would make sense to use an attractor ( natural pattern of stability ) as a tool in the same way that I might use an organism like ants as a planet forming tool.

The idea of physical immortality for humans is a bit premature. It would require that they were the ultimate power in the universe. This is very unlikely. There is little doubt in my mind that life is maintained by forces beyond our comprehension, for purposes beyond our realization and serves as a precursor to what it becomes. I am a thinker and I don't ever accept any conclusion as a final conclusion since I will never know all things and no entity could.

An intelligent computer would never wage war, it is the human condition of competition for genetic selection that requires death as a test of effectiveness in an environment. The idea of a 'terminator' is not what an intelligent machine would become. People are too easily confused, distracted, and manipulated to be any great threat to a vastly superior intelligence in a machine.

Selection can act at different levels and though fitness to environment is one, fitness to a newer or larger environment is another. Reach for the stars, and they are here.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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