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When I study a subject like electricity it always helps me to go back through the steps of discovery and look at the mistakes and steps that scientists took to establish a better understanding of how forces operate. It is astounding to look back at history and see that the ability to understand electricity could have been achieved by any person at any time in the history of humanity.

The way in which things are understood and the steps that are used to establish new understanding are different for many people. The process of understanding something without the answers being presented is a vastly different process than simply experimenting and extending theories.

It always seems like it should be obvious when the understanding finally comes and it is easy for me to say, "Can't you see the obvious?". The history of gravity is very much like the early history of electronics and electrical fields. The underlying power was never realized and anomalies like tribo-electric effect and lightning were simply anecdotal process that could be controlled in a certain way. The work of Tycho, Newton, Galileo and others was a harmony of good documentation and method with a leap to the underlying principles.

I have tried to do the same thing with gravity and play all the parts of assembling the different associated pieces with the perspective of the different talents that would be required to integrate a solution.

The forces of gravity may be weak in comparison to electrical effects, however they are the primary force in the universe due to the fact that unlike charges which become neutral very quickly due to their degree of effect. Gravity on the other hand is never neutralized as it is omnipresent.

My first step is to look for aspects which are obvious and could define the underlying process or structure. The curvature of the Earth is obvious if you look for it. The phases of the moon and it's relationship to the sun. The implied angle to the sun. So many things are just staring us in the face and we really just need to look at what is presented and ask what is the relationship of the parts and how does that reveal the process.

There are many areas of analysis of gravity where the obvious has been overlooked and conjecture that presumed facts not in an immediate measurable state. I have many of the pieces and like the issue of process in the cell, I can almost point at what it is and how it must operate and thus control it.

I can almost touch the solution now and yet it hangs in limbo as I have missed some key perspective that will give the complete picture and make it properly predictable and controllable. I need to develop a new tool and what that is I can't guess. I suppose I will Monte Carlo around the mulberry bush until I get tired again.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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