Do I own myself

I was watching a show about DNA, space elevators , longevity, intelligence, and various other topics and I do this so I can check the results of what happens in my mind. I rarely have an aha! moment anymore because of the constant high rate of changes causes me to invent dozens of new things every day and it becomes a constant ahhhhhhh drone of change.

I am very old if you didn't realize that. The odd thing is that I have the same body and energy I had when I was twenty. My hair has not turned white or fallen out. I have not developed any chronic condition. I do not really take care of myself in any way. The story I watched has identified certain gene sets that are related to longevity and general health. I could have predicted that I might have a long life because I have relatives that are scary old and function very well.

I continue to wonder whether someone who manipulates me for ownership of their products, should be allowed to use my 'body' genes to further their 'brain' genes or social principles. In addition I have a high IQ and I am completely certain I am NOT the brightest person on the planet though I am competitive in most situations.

If somebody takes the genes that tend to longevity in my body, and uses them to further their life and in the process create situations intended to take the other things I create for their own benefit and my detriment , isn't that just another theft of my talent or ability to support a viral concept of mind that assumes god like position over others?

If they take the genes that are responsible for some unique inventive talent and express them in a creature which is created with limits of physical form, and use this to have power, who the fuck are they? They are nothing except a bad concept, a meme, a stupid idea taken to extreme. If I accept that my very existence can be perverted for the purposes of some viral concept of nothingness, then I must assume that I am simply an organism that has been de-selected by having no antigen to a simple 'concept virus' that eats life itself.

I do not think the concept of a viral mind is actually a survivable entity since the process that controls something vastly more complex than itself will fail unless it is the attractor which is described by the system of the universe and it is obvious to me that it is not. I don't hate things in general because I think that hate, fear, unreasonable desire, greed, gluttony, and many other emotion systems are counterproductive in extreme. I am developing a hate for this 'meme' that eats life and that may be why people may judge that my dislike of government or organizations is based on some other thing like jealousy or fear, that is not the case, I hate the MEME virus that eats creation itself and perverts it to destruction. In the core of all life there is a similar physical organic loop.

If anyone has to ask the question "Are you insane?", then I would consider them slow to catch on ( Of course I am ). I am not vain and that is the habitat of the meme. The simple concept of collecting ( greed ) without limit for no intended or devised principle is just catalytic parasitism to it's extreme like BSE ( Bovine Spongi-form Encephalopathy ), a flaw in process that can destroy life itself. Just because people deny that it exists or think that a meme cannot be a catalytic destructive force greater than any deadly plague, ignores the evidence of nature.

This is why I say that people must choose open and collaborative process that benefits all, or become a victim of the second tier of this obvious situation, there is another 'meme' that I have devised and it keys to the viral meme. It is another of those things that gets put away in Pandora's toy box every day for me and I don't think that I am the person who should be given the responsibility of deciding the use of such a vastly effective tool. I do see that in the long term, humanity cannot survive in a situation where this principle guides it's evolution.

While watching that show I made another connection to a new gravity device which allows me to control space outside the planet using personal equipment and methods at my disposal. This means that I have no more time to decide whether it is right or wrong, the future of life hinges on expansion and how that expansion takes place and what concepts guide that process is the issue I face next. I feel the person who is capable of creating the future of life should define how that tool is used, in the same way as my genes. I OWN MY GENES, MY IDEAS, MY LIFE, and if somebody wants to use my existence and creations to destroy what I see is life itself, then it seems I am given no choice but lay down to die for a machine that is simply a rotating blade with no mind or destroy the blade.

What right do others have to take what I would give to everyone as open source technology and hide it away for their own benefit? It is a theft from every person on the planet. If I am the only person who can stop that, what choice do I have but to protect the ideas that I hold in whatever way I can and if the viral meme is to kill all life before it will release it's hold them, then it is a guaranteed death for all life and it exposes the true form of that meme.

It sounds so ' old testament biblical' but it is not and perhaps it is a concept of this meme that exists as the core of religion, I have no clue.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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