Intelligence is a nasty game and it eats a person's life. There have been so many times that I just wish I could go lay under a tree and nap. The nature of technology as it exists today is so complex that no one person will ever encompass the possibilities involved. It creates the situation where an individual can spend some time mining in a specific area and always find a fatal flaw, because the control of the entire system is done without complete knowledge of consequence. Stupidity is failing to even try at solving the problems and refusing to become a part of a solution. Open source technology is the only possible way out of this horrible mess that comes from adopting technology without a complete grasp of potential consequence and plans for dealing with those consequences.

I am aware of a major problem that could net me about 15 billion dollars with very little effort. I wonder how long it will be before somebody connects one of these random pieces of information with a knowledge of the process and actually does this. I am not in a position to stop it and the people who could stop it would not listen. It reminds me a bit of the San Francisco Bay area problem with the network administrator. There is no common contact point between a person who says that all computer scientists are D&D geeks and thus they ignore their statements that reflect real problems to technologically sophisticated individuals.

Technology is an accident without a solid shipping date defined. Soon some shirt will say "Ship it.", "Its a feature not a flaw.". Then every techno nerd will be called monster for making such a dangerous product. O-rings, bridges, floods, levees, and now the mamma jamma of all. Strange failures are a symptom of an unstable process.

I discovered another flaw in the infrastructure a few days back and this one is a real doozy. It takes knowledge of process and then combining that information to invent process solutions or flaws. I can invent hundreds of things that would profit me, however 99 of those would end in disaster. The invention is not done with a single Eureka!, there must be many more inventions of "what happens next" or it is simply a shot in the dark.

Someone told me that POTUS wrote the access key on his forearm, I don't really believe that, perhaps because I consider consequence quite a bit before I act if I have the time. I never take vacations from learning, because I know that each moment is critical to survival in a chaotic system.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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