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Even my first tests are fast and complex. I think I have hit on a good balance of object oriented coding style and execution speed that will allow high degrees of complexity to be modeled. My first test code shows 5,000 frames per second in a complex scene with rotation, translation, revolution, scaling, and collision. The work with Xorg Xwindows Mesa3D openGL and VESA have allowed me to find the fastest techniques for a Linux system.

Things are progressing well and mostly I am learning how to do a complete distribution from original source to final inclusion as a deb or rpm and get it into the supply chain for Linux general distribution. The issue of dependencies of libraries will not be resolved until the release file is created and I am considering a development and testing strategy that releases complete packages only and the code changes will be made outside of the distribution tree until it is released. Some files are already present but are not released yet.

The dependency chain of the universe seems to follow the dependency of data and code and systems which makes sense. The modeling is applicable from the atomic level to the level of society. I think I have boiled down the principles that represent systems in their chaos and thus can model, simulate, test changes, and finally control in the physical world with a feed back to identify elements which are exposed in practice and not yet modeled.

Some aspects of this disturb me as it seems obvious that not all people are willing to operate in the framework of social freedom. This is my personal bias I am sure. A person tends to judge others based on their character and systems are modeled with action and intent, it is obvious that the intent is driven by what I call the viral meme. It is just pointless, mindless, self indulgent, greed. It has parallel in nature as I have stated before and survival modes are different for different classes of organisms.

By defining a system of good and evil based on properties which do not exist in a human it seems that it implies that people are evil by assumption and acts which are not in their natural expression are good. This premise seems to be basically flawed. It only serves to identify people who are easily confused. I do not see the meme as evil and in need of eradication. It is simply a failing approach for a lesser species if it is completely genomic in origin ( which I doubt ). Balanced functional systems in a society of differing goals requires the same techniques that exist for balancing load in any other physical situation. Some processes are parasitic by their very nature. In terms of a computer, some programs are CPU hogs and if they are simple idle process with no goal then they should be NICED.

The concept of government is an obvious fraud. From the physical standpoint, no system can exist that takes from people with the express principle of giving them back more. It is symptomatic of the general interaction of people with differing intents. I don't see that being a pirate is evil, however many pirates do not produce results that might be necessary for human survival. I suppose the real question is whether there is a real threat to the general well being of all people. I think that is satisfied. The problem seems to be in the response. I think it will be resolved in the simulation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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