View and etch with light to 25nm

Article at slashdot shows how to keep the etching going lower (25 nM ) . I am watching with background in semiconductor wafer techniques. I want to have a method that I can use personally to create the chips completely. I guess that the cost of RAM FPGA and NVRAM is so low that it may not make a difference. My biggest problem is that I buy the chips and have immediate chip envy for the smaller and more dense circuits.

I looked for a new video card yesterday and the number of CPU's that run in parallel floored me. I think the GPU is more effective with the right software than a quad core. Hmmmm , can I create an image that IS a program and see how fast it computes? I think that is a valid task and I certainly is no worse than banging my head on TSP or SAT or solvability hill climbing algorithms and Monte Carlo solutions to virtual infinities or DNA to phenotype relationships.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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