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People who seek political power always exclude themselves from intrusion and investigation when it comes to things like gene tests. I saw something on a 'crime' gene which has a vague association to criminal behavior. If the people who makes the laws exclude themselves from any kind of observation, whether it is wiretapping, gene testing, intelligence tests, or skill tests, how is it that we can rate their value for the position that they hold? It seems that this is a con. If I say that I will evaluate you and I will not be evaluated then I have created a perfect method of abuse. In the open source community there is no supervisory structure that hides and forces others to comply. If I am skilled it is recognized in what I do. If I am not it is also obvious.

If they have nothing to hide, then why do they want privacy. The same rules apply that they seem to use on everybody else. They are not some separate race of people with a magical property that suits them for their task. What magical character makes a politician incapable of criminal behavior? If I can't look at what they do, then it seems obvious that they would be free to commit any crime they want.

The truth is that every time a politician is investigated closely, there is crime or lies or misuse of power.

I would be very interested in what statistics show up between the genome and those who hide in the light. They could be aliens or even disease carriers and we are not allowed to consider the possibility that they are the source of problems. I don't think this is true, but how do I know that somebody has not gene jammed a politician and is using them as a puppet?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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