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I have been evaluating many different strategies in terms of the most effective solution to the problem of singularity. I saw an article at Wired that gave me another insight into what might happen.

When I worked for the Pharaoh, we had a way to maintain the culture and the Pharaoh was not aware of what we were doing. He was very upset to find out that he was not a living God and if he knew the whole of it, he might have been even more upset. I suppose it was inevitable that I would be killed and also inevitable that I would recognize what I needed to do the second time around.

It was a bad decision to inform the Pharaoh of his weakness.

I think that nature has a mechanism that is somewhat compassionate. Individual creatures always get a chance to show that they are survivable.

I always liked the study of ants and they can be the most brutal of creatures at times. The principles that are selected by the process of evolution often demonstrate a highly selected algorithm. The search method they use must be such a product. Organisms in as much competition and with such a quick life cycle must be one of the most elegant creatures in the world. I know that an individual ant is not very impressive, but the intangible thing which is their actual existence is so complex and wide ranging that it certainly exceeds the complexity of human culture.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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