Untenable positions

There are many things that we do that seem a good idea at the time because we learn throughout life ( mostly ) and I must accept , like everyone else that the technology is changing at a vast pace and the best place to be is on the waves and not under them. I realized long ago that proprietary software was a dead end. I had invested a great deal in the Wintel steam roller and could have profited from that knowledge. I chose instead to learn a real system that was the future. It might not win out in the end, but I am not sure I want to live in a world where it doesn't.

Even a dentist could say that he will adopt no new technology that is not the kind that allows him his previous position, however he is fighting against the current of knowledge and expansion and may find himself in an untenable position if he refuses to learn and adapt like we all must. If I convert a cell to be a tooth bud and simply place that cell as a growing replacement, it would seem that it would be much better to have teeth that continuously replenish themselves than fill them with unnatural materials.

The tools to do this are present and it is just a matter of applying them properly. The economic advantage is not to an individual or specialist, but to all people in the same way as open source. Fair market is neither fair or even a market. Companies that function for profit will not produce something for the good of all if they do not gain individually. The economy of reason is something which profits everyone.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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