Today in cyberland

Lots of new things to consider. I am being treated for Lyme and assume I will get better or die. Open source genetics is a good concept and it would be nice if companies could grasp that even in an economic system, there are areas that should be handled in a shared fashion for the benefit of all, including the companies themselves. Natural forces can be more creative that individual action. I could model the biosphere as a computational engine driven to survival and it has the advantage over people. What I mean is that even though individuals want to gain from their own efforts at the expense of cooperating to a common survival, the very act is irrational in the face of nature. Nature has the goal of winning the race and it has a distinct advantage in computational power. Disease will continue to cycle through it's arsenal of possibilities because that is the core of life itself.

While we try to decide who gets the biggest mansion, highest position in heaven, or most respect, nature will not be silent and quiet. The interaction of phage, virus, prokaryotic, eukaryotic, mycoplasm, and all of the other complex multi-cellular systems act to survive. Nature is not an enemy, but it will run over us like a steam roller. I can't personally make any absolute statements about what 'should' be the moral or social standards between people, but whatever is decided has no relevance if the storm of natural life consumes the entire human race.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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